At Awaken Kombucha we have innovated the market for Florida with CBD kombucha. We have formulated a recipe with a scientist that has made the CBD infuse and distribute into the kombucha evenly and dissolve properly. The CBD breaks the blood brain barrier in 8 minutes and the body absorbs 90% of the CBD. We use organically grown hemp that has been third party tested. Each keg contains 800 mg of CBD which equates to 1.25 mg per oz of Kombucha. 

Not familiar with CBD and the healing properties? 

CBD originates from the Hemp plant and is a non psychoactive component. We as humans all have an endocannabinoid system, which is a network of receptors that are spread throughout the entire body. They control some of the most vital life functions, including our immune system, memory and appetite. CBD is great for helping with digestive disorders, antispasmodic, helps with anxiety, stress and is great for other ailments.